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Purchase a font A-Z guide

After adding the fonts to the Cart, click on the Cart icon (in the Top-Right corner of the window) and you will have 3 steps before downloading your order.

Review your order

In this first step you need to choose the number of workstations* and the license holder(s)*. 

You can buy the fonts in 3 different ways:

You will find the explanations of those three License Holder Options below.


License Holder Options

The License Holder is the individual or company which will have access to the font files and the rights to use them.

If a third party (your client, or someone else than yourself or your company) needs the fonts, they will need to buy a license.

You can purchase the font for yourself or your company, and you will have the rights to use it (as long as the licensing terms are respected. Please read the EULA for more information.)

You can purchase a font for a third party (e.g. your client).

If a third party needs to use the font (i.e. to install the font on their computer), your client must be registered as the license holder. That is why you have the option to buy the fonts for a third party and invoice it.

Also, you need to know that you are not authorized to invoice our fonts to third-parties at another price than the one displayed on the original invoice. You need to provide them with a copy of the invoice and license document (EULA).

You can do the point A and B at the same time. When you have the two « order columns » activated the content of both columns are connected. It means if you remove a font from one column, it will remove it in the other too. You can edit number of workstations separately from a column to there other.



The Workstations is the number of computers you can install the fonts to work on. The first option that Swiss Typefaces provides is the right to install the fonts from up to 10 workstations.

If you need more than 10, choose the right range of license; between 1 and 2000 computers during the check out process. (for more than 2000, you can contact us at [email protected])

Workstations updates : Workstations are cumulative. If you want to add more workstations to an already purchased font, you'll need to acquire the font again with the additional number of workstations needed. They will then be automatically combined in your account. 

e.g.  You would like to have 40 workstations in total, and you already bought 10.  Then you need to purchase the same font with the corresponding license holder for 30 workstations. In the end, you will have the rights to install and use it on 40 workstations.


Share the Cart to someone else

You can share the cart to your client for instance, by clicking on the button at the bottom-centre of the page.


Discount Coupon Code

You can use a discount code during the purchase process. For this, you have to fill your discount number under the place "coupon". The total amount will be updated accordingly. The discount code works only one time.

Info and Billing

A Log-In or Register box will appear if you are unlogged or unregistered. You need to be logged to your account to continue the purchasing process.

Difference between Billing Address and License Holder address

If you are purchasing a font for third parties, you need to fulfil the License Holder box with the information of the third parties.

Confirm and pay order


By Credit Cards with Stripe secure system

accepts the following credit cards:

You can use their service without opening any account by them. 

Transactions with Stripe are under their responsibility and their Terms & Conditions.


By Bank transfer or Paypal

At our discretion, we accept payment by PayPal or by bank transfer to our Swiss Postal bank account; please contact us at [email protected]

Some additional administrative charges will apply. 

The products will be delivered after the full amount is paid and notified on our bank account.



Every aspect of electronic payment is handled by Stripe. Please, read their policy for any information about the security of the financial transaction. We do not store your credit cards’ information on our server.



Our online shop will charge you in CHF (Swiss francs).


Return policy

We do not proceed to any refund once a font is purchased and made available for download in your account. Please, be attentive while you purchase any item on our website.



You'll find our VAT number on your invoice in your client account.

We only add VAT of 7.7% to our Swiss customers.



With each of your purchase, you will get an invoice. Your invoice contains billing and license holder information, your invoice number, what you purchased, how much it cost, and your VAT number on our letterhead document. Don’t forget that the invoice is a part of the license. If you buy a typeface for one of your clients, you need to give them a copy of this invoice.

You can download your invoice any time after your purchase in your account, in the Invoices tab.


Modifying an invoice

Please take note, the invoice and license you purchased are non-transferable and non-modifiable.


After purchasing

Download your purchase

Once you paid, you’ll be able to download your purchase on your account (Order tab). 

For more information about your orders and downloading options, please refer to the Account Support page.


Where do I find my previous purchase

Everything you need concerning previous purchases can be found in your client account under the Order tab.


Updates on the fonts files

We constantly update our fonts by adding new supported languages or new stylistic sets, for example. All the updates are free. You will simply need to go to your client account and download the font files again. For important updates, you will get an email notification. 


We don't work with resellers. However, you can refer to the « Purchasing the font for a third party » section on our Support page, and purchase directly on our website. Also, the conditions of this kind of purchase are described in our EULA, in the C.4 section.

For transactions handled manually, additional fees will apply.

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