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We are a type design company known for our cutting-edge approach. Our typefaces are valued for their high quality, both in terms of aesthetics and technology. Every aspect of what we do is informed by our attitude to innovate. This is true for the way we draw letters, but also for how we name, package, distribute, license, and price the fonts. Our unique design skills and the particular way of doing business gained us international success. Our fonts are made by designers, for designers. They are graphical machines, engineered to capture the vibes of the now, and capable of generating vanguard visuals – something that we also showcase in our printed publications. Love them or hate them, they’ll never be boring.

Swiss Typefaces was founded in 2006, by designers who grew up being surrounded by the Swiss (International) Style. These roots are a defining part of us. We build on this legacy, redefining it with our vision of the new generation. At the same time, we’re closely linked to the international scene. Swiss Typefaces is embedded in a network of like-minded creatives, from the fields of design, but also music, street culture, fashion, fine art, technology, and more. This mix of Helvetian heritage and cosmopolitan connections shapes our work. It’s also reflected in our locations: While the Swiss Typefaces headquarters are in serene Vevey, on the shores of the Swiss Riviera, we run a second design office in Berlin.

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Emmanuel Rey

Managing Partner

Maxime Plescia-Büchi

Managing Partner

Noémie Stuber

Managing Assistant

Pauline Benzonana

Project & Customer Relationship Manager

Océane Torti

Graphic Designer

Quentin Schmerber

Senior Type Designer

Benedikt Bramböck

Font Technology Specialist


Christoph Koeberlin

Font Engineering

Igino Marini

Type Metrics & Engineering


Ilya Ruderman & Yuri Ostromentsky
Cyrillic Consultant and Font Development


Web Development

Florian Hardwig


Anne-Marie Pappas

(Licensing page)

Third Hand / Julien Pietri

3D Designer
3D Animations (Font pages)

Dan Reynolds

Coprywriter (On Raskal Oner)

Gaël Corboz

3D Animations (Home Page)

Sang Bleu Agency

Graphic and webdesign


Publishing and Distribution