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What’s a webfont?

Webfonts are fonts displayed on a website, and read by a browser. Webfonts grant the access for anyone to see the same result without having the fonts installed on their computer

You shouldn’t have to pay twice for the same font, just because you want to use it both in print and on the web. When you buy one of our fonts, the webfont is always included, at no extra cost.

Where do I find my webfonts?

Your webfonts are always accessible from the Order tab, in your account. At the bottom of this page, you can select an order. 


You’ll be brought to a download option pannel. You’ll have to enter your website URL (1) to be able to access the webfonts. Once you registered your website (2), you’ll be able to access the webfonts files (3) and their subsets (4). 


Which URL must be registered?

Each URL that’ll display the purchased fonts in ClearText. You can register an unlimited amount of website for the same purchase, as long as our licensing terms are respected.

If you’ll use the fonts on many subdomains, you should only register the main one.

Inside a webfont package

We provide all relevant file formats for self-hosting.

We offer WebS, WebM and WebXL webfont files subsets. You will find them all in your package:

Available webfonts formats: .woff2

The webfonts are manually optimized for ClearType rasterizers and above (DirectWrite), using TrueType hinting in vertical directions.

Please consult our Font Formats page for more information on font formats delivered with every purchase.

OpenType features

Unfortunately, we can't help you with coding your website and implementing webfonts, as every single OS and browser has its own way to deal with them.

But you will find useful information about OpenType functionalities and webfonts by browsing the web, or by hiring a web developer.

Please note that not all browsers are dealing with OpenType yet.


You are allowed to encode the font with base64. We do not provide any support for Base64 encoding.

Hosting (CDN) or html/css files

We do not product such files as html or css for our webfonts.

We do not host web fonts ourselves, but we allow the self-hosting @font-face technic.

Our webfonts are validated and respect industry standards, and we cannot help on coding a website.

Optimize for screens

Our webfonts are manually optimized for ClearType rasterizers and above (DirectWrite), using TrueType hinting, and hinted in vertical direction only.