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Some Vocabulary


The Workstations is the number of computers you can install the fonts to work on. The first option that Swiss Typefaces provides is the right to install the fonts from up to 10 workstations.



These three terms helps us distinguish the three levels that you can find in our products. Our products are all built the same way: A Typeface is made out of one or more Collection which is made out of fonts. For example: SangBleu is a Typeface. SangBleu is the addition of 5 Collections: Empire, Kingdom, Republic, Versailles, Sunrise. Each collection contains multiples fonts: that can be going from Air to Black. 

Retail license

A font file is considered like a software. To use a most of softwares you need to have a license. Our EULA describes all that you are allowed or unallowed to do. In order to buy the font, you have to accept the license. Once you accept the license, you agree to respect our terms of use. Please read the EULA very carefully before buying and using any of our products.


Using our fonts to create a logotype, and/or registering a logotype as a wordmark/trademark is allowed by our EULA (clauses B.4 and C.2), as long as the vectors of the font remain unmodified. For any modification, please contact us at [email protected].



Font Files Updates

We constantly update our fonts by adding new supported languages or new stylistic sets, for example. All the updates are free. You will simply need to go to your client account and download the font files again. For important updates, you will get an email notification. 


Usage / Medium

We understand that contemporary design projects are not limited to a single medium. At Swiss Typefaces, you don’t have to buy extra licenses for each media type. Just get a standard license and you’ll have the right to use the fonts everywhere: in print, websites, mobile apps, social medias, electronic publications, broadcasting, videos and films.



We don't work with resellers. However, you can refer to the « Purchasing the font for a third party » section on our Support page, and purchase directly on our website. Also, the conditions of this kind of purchase are described in our EULA, in the C.4 section.

For transactions handled manually, additional fees will apply.