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Our different fonts can have various languages, different OpenType features and different character sets included.

Please refer to the Technical Documentation PDF of each font. You can find them on any font's page, at the Font Info zone.


We currently cover most of the languages using the Latin alphabet, and several of our fonts provide Cyrillic and Arabic alphabets too. If there are several alphabets in the font, it means that they are all included in the same font file.

Stylistic Set and other OpenType features

If there are several stylistic sets (and/or other OpenType features) in the font, it means that they are all included in the same font file.

Webfonts documentation

For technical documentation about webfonts, please visit the Webfonts page.

Office Fonts

We provide specially designed fonts files for users of Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Powerpoint®, Pages®, Numbers®, and Keynote®.

Font formats

We provide the font formats that ensure maximum compatibility. 

We guarantee that all fonts that we’re producing are valid OpenType CFF (and OpenType TTF) fonts, installable and printable.

OpenType Layout features are tested independently from any application. If the feature doesn’t work, please refer to the documentation of the software.

You can download all the font formats you need with no additional fees. 

You can find them in your Account / Orders page / Options button and select the font formats you need.

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