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Free fonts or discounts

Except for Suisse Int’l Book, that we give away for free for you to taste a few of our great curves, we do not give away fonts freely. We make no additional discounts on our products: by purchasing font packages instead of single styles, you can save up to 85% off the original price. If you are a student, you can benefit from a lovely Student Discount.

Student discount

With the Student discount, You can get any typefaces for only 50 CHF. This deal includes a lifetime license which means you can use these fonts all throughout your studies and continue to use all throughout your lifetime.
You get a 1-5 computers license, webfont license, mobile app license, and EPUB license. You will equally have access to the future updates we make to the fonts collections.


Apply for the Student Discount

To apply for the Student Discount follow this link: Select the font(s) you want and fulfill student and school informations. For your student license to be complete, you need to add a student ID. This file needs to prove your bond with the school and must contain (at least) your name and dates of your engagement. Any kind of document that mentions those informations can work (contract, agreement, email, student ID,…).

We will check your application (it can take up to 15 days) and will send you an email to pay and finally download the fonts.


Specific Lawful use of product with the Student Discount

A. The Student Discount is only delivered to Students enrolled in a full-time degree program.

B. The Student Discount is not available for teachers or universities.

C. The license obtained via a purchase with a student discount does not differ in any way from this current document. Students can obtain a full professional license at an advantageous price.

D. Licenses acquired with a Student Discount keeps its validity after the studies termination. But the licenses is made under the Student's name (as an entity) only and is not transferable. 

Multi-licensing typefaces in schools

Currently, we do not have any agreement for schools to own licenses for their students.

Feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] to discuss a custom agreement.

Non-profit organization

Non-profit organizations, and Charity are not exceptions to our no-font-for-free policy.