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In case you missed them, you'll find on this page an index of our most recent newsletters.

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Wonderful Raskal


Always had we fantasized about designing our own script font one day. But “What would a true Swiss Typefaces script look like?” was the question. Raskal is the answer. Discover today the result of a decade-long process of questioning the role, aspect, process of a script font born in a digital world.

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Euclid - Typeface Mystery No. 1 release


More than three years after the release of our first typeface monograph, we announced the launch of a new book. Announced about a month prior, and available on pre-order since, “Euclid – Typeface Mystery No. 1” was conceived and designed by Hubertus Design.

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Euclid book by Hubertus pre-order and LAB font Euclid Mono


New LAB font Euclid Mono Vanguard release and the pre-order of Euclid – Typeface Mystery No. 1 — the book designed by Hubertus Design

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Digitally yours


At Swiss Typefaces, we are well aware of the ever-growing need for efficient screen dedicated fonts. Therefore, we have updated our Suisse Screen collection from 8 fonts to 14, now offering a range of 7 weights to pick from. Amongst them, the brand new Monitor cut, tailored as the perfect default style for continuous on-screen reading.

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The Summer Interlude


An insight of what we’ve been working on for the past months. Launch of the cursive cuts of Riviera and some of our Exclusive projects.

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April Updates


As the world courageously braces itself to face the COVID epidemic, each nation, individual, but also company wonders what can they do.

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Type Life Events


On the occasion of the launch of Type Life #3, we organized a lecture as well as a workshop. Florian Hardwig and Julien Priez were the guest of the event.

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