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Imagery has always been a defining point in Swiss Typefaces’ history. Since the launch of the foundry, we have made a point to present our fonts in a visual context of their own. We have always treated our fonts like any other commercial product (a perfume, a garment, etc.), giving them a strong and inspiring visual identity. 

This iconography, which has evolved and continues to evolve over the years, is used throughout our website. Currently, the center piece of it is certainly our home page slideshow

We recently commissioned photographer and 3D-artist Gaël Corboz to create customs undiscovered fantasy worlds. With the release of Raskal back in September, we were pleased to introduce his work on our website with 5 of the 10 visuals he created for us.

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For the occasion, we asked him few questions, that help you discover his work, and our collaboration: 

Hi Gaël, can you describe your practice, in general?

[GC] I create motion graphics. I primarily work with 3D animation. I began with photography and ended up moving on to motion design.

Who or what are some of the biggest inspirations behind your works (and for the work you did for Swiss Typefaces in particular)?

I'd say that David Caspar Friederich and Albert Bierstadt's classical paintings are currently my major sources of inspiration. I continue to be inspired by heroic fantasy films like The Lord of the Rings and even Avatar.

How would you describe the collaboration with us? What was different from your other collaborations?

I wanted to create an unique ambiance with some ethereal undertones for our collaboration. I thought the experience was pretty cool. Making 10 videos was challenging. I wanted to create a unique world for each video. I especially concentrated on introducing new color types for this collaboration with Swiss Typefaces, like some red fogs or an orange ambiance. I've never done it before. It's interesting because even when you crop the video you can find some interesting visuals in it.

Favorite piece of the 10 you designed for us and why? 

My favorite piece is definitely the one with the purple fog and red light on the trees. I think the color combination is excellent.

What are you doing now and next?

Actually, I'm working on a collective show. It will soon be exhibited in Paris. I'm finishing up a project with a musician this week. I'm collaborating a lot this month, which I really enjoy. I really appreciate collaborating with a variety of people versus working just by myself. For the next year and my future upcoming projects, I'll use the same atmosphere and aesthetic I love to use, while integrating more 3D animation and a far more realistic render.

We will be releasing Gaël's 5 last pieces in the first semester of 2024 and are already digging the internet in research of our the next collaboration. You can find his work by choosing one of the link in his Linktree

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