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Everpress – Type In Focus

Everpress is a print-on-demand garment printing platform, allowing creatives to produce their own printed T-shirts, sweatshirts and other staples of casual fashion while efficiently managing supplies, stocks and distribution in an effort to avoid waste and high costs associated with traditional printing. The clothes are produced only once ordered and paid via the platform. They are then shipped from the Everpress hub directly to customers, the creators receive direct payment.

In 2020, Everpress launched a yearly ‘Type in Focus’ capsule collection, celebrating type design and the craft of letterforms. In 2021, they asked Swiss Typefaces to design one of the shirts from the ‘Outside the Lines’ collection.

On the back of the shirt, Swiss Typefaces’ design team created an ambiguous typographic composition mixing together two LAB fonts, Raskal and IKANSEEYOUALL. It can be read as 'REAL FEED' or as 'READ FEEL'. It acts as a visual statement on how Swiss Typefaces is designing outside the lines, but the real meaning is left to the viewer’s imagination. The front features a symmetrical star-piece on the chest, created with type ornaments from the same two fonts. 

Fonts involved

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