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A creative journey with Nike and Wieden+Kennedy for the Australians in the FIFA Women's World Cup 

During the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Nike unveiled a promotional campaign showcasing female athletes sponsored by the brand from various teams, and highlighting their achievements and contributions to the sport. The campaign was tailored to resonate with the uniqueness of each of the national teams sponsored by Nike. Thanks to Wieden+Kennedy, under whose artistic direction we had the privilege of working, we designed a custom font for the Australian team – the Matildas.

The creative agency played a key role in smoothly incorporating our creative expertise, guiding us in the customization of our LAB font Black Mamba. Through this collaboration, we crafted three entirely new iterations of the letters ‘A’, ‘K’ and ‘H’ inspired by the fiercest glyphs of Black Mamba Venom. 

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Our collaborative effort stands out, as our Black Mamba font found a (very) stylish application in the campaign, also featuring all the distinctive glyphs from our catalog font – which you can conveniently purchase on our website.

Under our attentive eyes, the Matildas qualified their way up until the semi-finals, marking a historical conclusion to their World Cup journey!

Forever and Today, All For Tomorrow!

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Project type: Custom Typeface 
Based on: Black Mamba
Client: Nike Football
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy (Tokyo)
Images, videos: Nike Football, QMS Media

Fonts involved

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