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We understand that contemporary design projects are not limited to a single medium. At Swiss Typefaces, you don’t have to buy extra licenses for each media type. Just get a standard license and you’ll have the right to use the fonts everywhere: in print, websites, mobile apps, electronic publications, broadcasting, videos and films.


Registering a logotype as a wordmark/trademark is allowed by our EULA, as long as the vectors of the font remain unmodified. When registering a wordmark/trademark, it must mention that the font rights are the property of Swiss Typefaces.

Few lawful comments about compatibility and usage

A.    The Supplier provides OpenType/CFF (.otf) desktop font formats.

B.    TrueType (.ttf) desktop files are made available in complement to the OpenType files. These are specifically intended for Microsoft Office softwares and others softwares not working with the OpenType font softwares. Our TrueType files use style-linking technology to comply with the softwares recommandations. However most of the softwares with TrueType format requirement stipulate that only the fonts distributed with their softwares or proprietary to the software manufacturer should be used and that other manufacturers font softwares and custom font software should not be used. Therefor, we cannot offer any warranty nor support on TrueType’s font software format compatibility and usage.

C.     Webfonts files are supplied in WOFF2 (.woff2) and WOFF (.woff) formats.

D.     EOT (.eot), TTF (.ttf) and SVG (.svg) are depreciated webfonts formats made available only for compatibility reasons with out-dated browsers and operating systems. Therefor, we cannot offer any warranty nor support on these font software format compatibility and usage.

E.     The Supplier guarantees that the font softwares downloaded from its website are valid fonts, installable and printable.

F.      OpenType layout features are tested independent from any application.

G.     It’s a matter of the systems, softwares versions or browsers whether they support these formats and features: please refer to your system/software/browser documentation.

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