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Student Discount


Student Discount

You are a student, you can get a special deal
on all our available typefaces

You can get any typefaces for only 50 CHF. This deal includes a lifetime license which means you can use these fonts all throughout your studies and continue to use all throughout your lifetime.

You get a 1-5 computers license, webfont license, mobile app license, and EPUB license. You will equally have access to the future updates we make to the fonts collections*.

Have a look at the typefaces here.

If you are a student and would like to take advantage of this amazing deal please click on the following link and fulfills the application.

400 CHF50 CHFSangBleu5 collections, 45 styles
110 CHF50 CHFTheW2 collections, 3 styles
500 CHF50 CHFSuisse6 collections, 55 styles
300 CHF50 CHFSimplon2 collections, 16 styles
405 CHF50 CHFEuclid5 collections, 54 styles
300 CHF50 CHFNewParis4 collections, 28 styles

*you will be informed if there are any exceptions in the future.

The fonts from the Lab aren't available for the Student Discount.

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