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KRSNA and BRRR typefaces are now available in the Lab collection. They are joining SangBleu King, Euclid Stencil and Riviera.

KRSNA started out as a custom version of NewParis Skyline, made for two vinyl record sleeves by Geneva-based musician Grace Core.

This experimental typeface abandons the convention of a continuous baseline and introduces a three-storey space where the letters can sit at the top, center or bottom, with the remaining space filled by bars and spikes.

↳ Latin alphabet of KRSNA

↳ Alternates of KRSNA

↳ Ligatures of KRSNA

↳ Ligatures of KRSNA

↳ KRSNA monospaced Option

↳ Example of use

The resulting word images are captivating patterns with logo-like qualities.

BRRR is a playful wide Grotesk with a great deal of disruptive details. It was initially created to design a poster series for Swiss artist Simon Paccaud.

↳ Latin alphabet of BRRR

↳ Diacritics of BRRR

↳ Alternates of BRRR

↳ Figures of BRRR

↳ Alternates of BRRR

The Lab

The Lab is our Research & Development department. As a company at the forefront of type design, we constantly innovate and improve our product range. Just like the automobile industry has its concept cars, Swiss Typefaces has the Lab collection. This window provides a sneak peek into our work in progress, and potentially a foresight into our official Fonts collection of the years to come. The fonts featured here are experimental and often radical in design. With them, we explore new ways of thinking about shapes for the future, aiming to advance our own style as well as type design in general. While the Lab fonts are fully functional, their limitation to a single style allows us to present new typographic ideas faster and more effectively, and to let you work with them in your designs right away. The feedback we gather is used to direct and prioritize our larger-scale projects.

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