eBay corporate typeface
Market Sans, a new and exclusive typeface

Market Sans is a new and exclusive typeface we designed specifically for eBay.

We worked with the eBay brand team and the New York based design agency Form&.

Market Sans’ style came from the Capital typeface, a font from our Lab department. eBay bought the exclusive rights for developing a complete font family and taking it out of the market. This typeface was a fusion between the neo-grotesque style of the Suisse Int’l and the geometric shapes of the Euclid Flex typeface. Market Sans is a brand-new family including six weights with italics.

“A unique combination of the unexpected and classic — the typeface can be both elegant and active, adapting to the many moments that define eBay.” Form&

“Market Sans captures the surprise of stumbling upon your perfect purchase, while conveying the optimism you feel while navigating eBay experiences.” Form&


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