Sky Sports Display
Capturing the essence of each sport

Sky Creative and Nomad asked Swiss Typefaces to develop Sky Sports Display - a bespoke five cut font for each sports

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Type Life
Issue #1: Special Lab

Type Life is a new series of printed publications about design, typography and lifestyle by Swiss Typefaces.

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New in the Lab

KRSNA and BRRR typefaces are now available in the Lab collection. They are joining SangBleu King, Euclid Stencil and Riviera.

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NewParis Skyline
New styles for NewParis

NewParis is one of the most popular releases by Swiss Typefaces. We can proudly announce the addition of three new weights as well as italics to the sans-serif branch...

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eBay corporate typeface
Market Sans, a new and exclusive typeface

Market Sans is a new and exclusive typeface we designed specifically for eBay.

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The Type Lab
Animation Movie by Guillaume Meyer with Swiss Typefaces’ fonts

"The Type Lab" by Guillaume Meyer. A movie created in 2016 on the occasion of his Bachelor Graphic Design diploma at ECAL and supervised by Ian Party from Swiss Typefaces.

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TheW new collection
TheW Clan & NYC are now available

TheW family is now in the Fonts collection

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Easy & Fair
We have the best licence

Since 2007 we strive to create the best font experience for our customers. This includes the licensing terms. They need to match today’s requirements, just like our products do...

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We create typefaces for graphic designers
A conversation with

Few months ago Ilya Ruderman of conducted a long format conversation with us.

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Discover our fonts in action!

Check out our fonts in use through thousands of showcased projects!

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