The Simplon Collection is declined in 2 sub-families: Simplon Norm and Simplon Mono. Unlike Simplon Norm, Simplon Mono is monospaced, meaning that every single character included in it share the same spacing box accross all weights and styles. Combining the proportional and monospaced versions of Simplon allows a wide variety of design solutions.

Simplon Norm

Proportional characters and spacing.

Simplon Mono

Monospaced characters and spacing.

Simplon Norm & Simplon Mono

Some monospaced characters request a different design as for the proportional version.

Simplon Norm & Simplon Mono

In addition to the standard letters declined in their monospaced version, some Simplon Mono characters have more a versatile design, unlike the very standardized letterforms from Simplon Norm.

Like in all our typefaces, Simplon contains numerous OpenType functionalities.

Simplon Norm & Mono alternate "a"

OpenType Stylistic Set 1

Simplon Norm alternate "l"

OpenType Stylistic Set 2

Simplon Mono

Discretionary Ligatures

All Caps Punctuation

When selecting the All Caps option in your design software, the punctuation will be automatically adapted in its height, its weight and its spacing

All Caps Mathematical Signs

When selecting the All Caps option in your design software, the mathematical signs will be automatically adapted in their height and spacing to fit better between uppercases and numerals. With this option activated, numerals will also have the same weight as uppercases.

Tabular Lining Figures

Monospaced numerals: particularly useful for tables.

Slashed Zero

Making a clear difference between the characters 'O' and zero.


In addition to the standard Unicode fractions, the dedicated OpenType function allows you to automatically build any kind of fraction.

Superior Lowercases

Inferior Lowercases

Superior Numerals

Inferior Numerals

Arrows and endings


Simplon contains characters for the following languages: Asu, Bena, Chiga, Embu, Gusii, Kabuverdianu, Kalenjin, Luyia, Machame, Makonde, Meru, Morisyen, Rombo, Rwa, Samburu, Sena, Soga, Taita, Teso, Vunjo, afrikaans, albanais, alémanique, allemand, anglais, basque, bemba, bosniaque, catalan, cornique, croate, danois, espagnol, espéranto, estonien, féroïen, filipino, finnois, français, galicien, gallois, ganda, hongrois, indonésien, irlandais, islandais, italien, kamba, kikuyu, letton, lituanien, luo, malais, malgache, maltais, manx, ndébélé du Nord, néerlandais, norvégien bokmål, norvégien nynorsk, nyankolé, oromo, polonais, portugais, rhéto-roman, roumain, rwanda, sangho, serbe (latin), shona, slovaque, slovène, somali, suédois, swahili, tchèque, zoulou


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