Darling of the Paris fashion scene
She has a hunger for luxury and effortless grace
Her charms are that of a french goddess painted as venus
Skin like porcelain, hair of gold with a gaze like France Gall
She only wears high fashion names
Dior's treasures are at her finger tips
Mugler would murder to get his hands on her
YSL gives her outrageous elegance and a healthy dose of controversy
Fashion week will be full of opulent glamour, she'll leave you breathless.


KingSize, Headline and Text

NewParis Skyline


The Skyline version could be use as a "single" typeface but it s also a perfect match to play with the others versions.

NewParis has 3 differents size of use, king size contrast (up to 36 pts) headline contrast (between 18 and 36 pts) and text (under 18 pts) there is also a non contrast version (Skyline)


All the different version come in various weights with italic


NewParis Skyline has various alternates

OpenType Stylistic Set 1

Discretionary ligatures

Contexctual ligatures

All Caps Punctuation

When selecting the All Caps option in your design software, the punctuation will be automatically adapted in its height, its weight and its spacing

All Caps Mathematical Signs

When selecting the All Caps option in your design software, the mathematical signs will be automatically adapted in their height and spacing to fit better between uppercases and numerals. With this option activated, numerals will also have the same weight as uppercases.


In addition to the standard Unicode fractions, the dedicated OpenType function allows you to automatically build any kind of fraction.

Superior & numerator numerals

Inferior & denominator numerals


NewParis contains characters for the following languages: Asu, Bena, Chiga, Embu, Gusii, Kabuverdianu, Kalenjin, Luyia, Machame, Makonde, Meru, Morisyen, Rombo, Rwa, Samburu, Sena, Soga, Taita, Teso, Vunjo, afrikaans, albanais, alémanique, allemand, anglais, basque, bemba, bosniaque, catalan, cornique, croate, danois, espagnol, espéranto, estonien, féroïen, filipino, finnois, français, galicien, gallois, ganda, hongrois, indonésien, irlandais, islandais, italien, kamba, kikuyu, letton, lituanien, luo, malais, malgache, maltais, manx, ndébélé du Nord, néerlandais, norvégien bokmål, norvégien nynorsk, nyankolé, oromo, polonais, portugais, rhéto-roman, roumain, rwanda, sangho, serbe (latin), shona, slovaque, slovène, somali, suédois, swahili, tchèque, zoulou


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